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Dedicated mining pool | Pool fee 0.5% | 0-24h support | PPLNT payout

Buck @ minerspool.cc

Dedicated European EQUIHASH mining pool for Buck Coin whose team consists of Network Security Specialists, Programmers and System Administrators. MinersPool.cc goal is to provide you transparent, secure and anonymous mining within high level of backend pool operations for miners on a server VPN cluster between Europe, Bruxelles and USA, New York. Our partner from Belgium UNIX-SOLUTIONS.BE provides you unlimited bandwith traffic and high end SSD servers for minimal network latency.

PPLNT - Pay Per Last N Time: proportional payouts with a twist to protect miners with LIVE worker stats data

PROXY mining compatible connection LINUX only!

Global Stats

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  • Block Height: 185098
  • Network: 397.73 KSol/s
  • Difficulty: 8091.105593701122
  • Node Connections: 8
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Pool stats

Pool Stats
  • 0 Miners
  • 0 Workers
  • Hashrate: 0.00 Sol/s (Now)
  • Luck Infinity Days
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Dedicated servers

Pools / Coins
  • VPN cluster
  • Location: Brussels
  • Location: New York
  • Servers page load: up to 5 sec
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PPLNT payout scheme Proportional payouts with a twist to protect minerspool.cc pool miners. How does it work? The time in a round from when the pool found the last block until the time when the pool finds the next block. If the pool hashrate is higher, the lenght of the round is shorter with the luck factor involved in the lenght of a round. During a decent period of time, the average lenght of the round is known. Miner shares are propotional based on the last 51% of the block round. The value of the shares that were earned before the last half of the round are worth less. The miner will receive a full proportional award for the entire mined round or mined the last 51%. Happy mining on 100% MyZEN!

what you get on minerspool.cc

Emphasis on Security

  • CloudFare Web Protection
  • DDoS Server Protection
  • Server Cluster
  • Permanent BAN protection
  • Firewall Protection
  • Anonymus Mining
  • Last banned IP: from

What are your Benefits

  • SSD Servers VPN node
  • 0.5% mining fee
  • 0.1 payout balance (0.1 KMD)
  • PPLNT payout scheme
  • Optimized and efficient mining servers
  • MinersPool.cc VPN cluster
  • MinersPool.cc API live stats
  • PROXY mining support

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